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What is so special about meeting at The Baptist Centre, Middleton Cheney? It all depends on your perception of church. If you like church to be like a snooker table where all the balls meet for a brief moment then bounce off into the distance, then you might not like us. We are a bit more like a pot of stew where we all bring our individuality into the mix. By spending time together we create something with a great flavour, but also retain our individual identities.

Middleton Cheney Baptist church was once a significant part of the local farming community and its previous trustees and deacons were drawn from many local farmers. Today, the changing nature of the local community has meant that the mixture of people has changed. Our fellowship now comprises young children, teenagers, housewives, labourers, carpenters, office workers, business owners, retired people, married, single and widowed. Drawing from other cultures, with Iranian and Ghanaians part of the blend of people enjoying a journey of discovery together. Some have been Christians for over 40 years, some for four years and others less than a year. It is a place for anyone wanting to discover the meaning of life, in an atmosphere of love.

Once again the Baptists are becoming a vibrant fellowship, meeting in the heart of Middleton Cheney. The last nine years has seen a steady influx of people coming to faith, with over 40 believers being baptised.

As we are a fellowship gathered from the surrounding area, numbers are always in a state of flux, which is the case in many churches. This occurred as far back as 1845 when a large number of the Baptist community in Middleton Cheney were encouraged to take the enormous decision to emigrate to Australia along with their previous pastor – the Reverend George Stonehouse. A plaque referring to Rev Stonehouse is set in the interior wall of the Church.