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It is church, but not as you know it. We are not what you might call religious, but spiritually alive. So if that describes you, then we might be just the group of folks you have been looking for. We do take our faith seriously and are glad that we have a Bible teacher with the educational and spiritual stature of our Pastor. His teaching of the Word of God makes it live in a way that makes an impact in every area of our lives. We are all enthusiastic about his Biblical teaching because he helps us to look at the scriptures in a way that challenges and encourages us.  

As a gathered fellowship we have a sense of occasion. We interactively explore and celebrate the three primary Jewish Festivals of Passover, Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles. Bringing Biblical traditions to life together creates a real bonding of our fellowship.

We are a welcoming group of people, where newcomers soon feel at home. Many who join us are unconventional in lifestyle. Although we preach an uncompromising message, it is always in atmosphere of love in which each individual is valued. Our primary focus is that people may come to a living faith in a loving God, knowing YHVH as Abba (Father) through faith in Yeshua (Jesus). God creates a new life in each person who knows him. We are just His servants to help others walk together in agapē (love).

Our style is fairly informal, whilst retaining a real awareness of the presence of God. Young and old feel equally at home among us, with our oldest member soon to celebrate her 94th birthday.  Most of the people attending our fellowship come from non-Christian backgrounds, and have started their faith journey here at The Baptist Centre.

Sunday Service is every Sunday 10:00 - 11:15