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The main building was constructed in 1806, originally with wooden pews, including seating for an additional 50 people in the gallery. Music was provided by a pipe organ that served the Church until the early 1980’s.

In the mid 1980's the floor was deemed to be unsafe due to the extensive spread of dry rot. The floor, pulpit and surrounding timber wall boards were all removed, at which time a false ceiling was installed, rendering the balcony unusable. A fully carpeted concrete floor replaced the old wooden floor. In addition pews were removed and replaced with padded chairs.

Acquired in 1820, the lower hall has been used extensively through the years for teaching younger members of the church and youth club, as well as hosting monthly fellowship meals. During the last nine years weekly meals were also provided at the internationally-known Alpha Course (watch out for the next course in 2013).

With a recently installed new kitchen, the lower hall is being upgraded to provide a much improved venue for the Baptist fellowship’s active calendar of events.

We have extensive grounds that allow for many activities during the summer.