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Pastor John is a man who loves God and people. With over 20 years in the ministry he brings a breadth and depth of knowledge to his motivational teaching and counselling.
Having travelled extensively in business and as a Pastor, John has developed a conviction that the Church is called to bless local businesses, and is encouraging the Church to be proactive in bringing the blessing of God into every area of life.

Beryl is well known in the area, having lived and worked locally all her life. Her gift of hospitality and generous care for many people has been a true demonstration of her faith for many years in and around the local communities. Beryl has been actively involved in our youth group, Girls Brigade and adult study groups for the last nine years. She currently looks after the finances of the church, as well as taking an active role in small group teaching.

Karen is a media and communications specialist. She is also the founder of our recently formed support Group “Parents Talking Asperger's". Karen is an exuberant member of our church adding a sparkle to our worship, and as a small group leader brings a passion for learning to our study groups.

Shahram was born in Iran, speaks fluent Farsi and was educated in the UK. He loves returning to his homeland whenever possible and retains a very strong relationship with the Iranian community in and around London. Though he runs his business in outer London, Shahram takes an active role in church life. Recently appointed to be part of the leadership team, he now leads one of our study groups.

Karen is married to Shahram and they are the proud parents of Reza and Soraya.