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Currently, we enjoy a wide range of music, with sound and vision provided using computer technology. We are praying for a new generation of musicians to join us in exploring worship in a contemporary style. If you are a musician, why not come along and help us to find the right note?

As a fellowship we are open to the workings of the Holy Spirit. God works in the faith community, expressed in the variety of gifts of the Spirit, enabling us to work as a body (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12)  We expect to see God expressing His presence through His gifts. We provide prayer for healing ministry including what we call institutional healing (James 5) this is anointing by the church overseers. We have seen many wonderful answers to such prayer, in functional and organic disorders.

At The Baptist Centre we practice believers baptism. This is on the personal confession of faith of each person being baptised. It is one of the defining aspects of Baptist church life that caused so much persecution of Baptists in the 17th century. We baptise by full immersion as the method is clear from the meaning of the word ‘baptizō’ consisting of the processes of full immersion, submersion and emergence. Therefore we do not perform the ceremony of sprinkling of water on babies heads (commonly known as christening), as this is a post biblical practice. Christening has become part of the folklore in the UK and many other countries, and as such is used by people as a rite of passage, apart from any active faith or involvement in the life of the Christian church.

As Baptists we have a special thanksgiving and dedication service for babies and young children. The thanksgiving service is especially suited to parents who are not practising Christians, enabling the parents to celebrate the special event in a more appropriate way.