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Parents Talking Asperger’s is a support group in north Oxfordshire for parents of children or young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Regular events are held at The Baptist Centre. See for further information.

Karen’s Story
Early one Saturday morning in April 2011, I called out to God from the depths of my soul, in anguish and through tears. The night before had been particularly awful, when my 12 year old son had an autistic meltdown caused by the pressures of coping with school. It was a meltdown that pushed him, and all of us, to the edge of our limits.

I asked God if we were the only family living a life that is explosive, confusing, exhausting and so very, very sad. Or, were there other parents like me and other children like my boy? “Show me Lord, show me.” He did. God whispered in my ear and told me to use the pain of the last decade; the setbacks, the frustrations and the sheer effort of trying to get support and recognition that there was something different about my son. That he wasn’t naughty or awkward, just different.

Before I even dressed that day, I created a Facebook page. I called it “Parents Talking Asperger’s” and before the end of the first day the page was flooded with parents like me and children like my boy. Out of such need Parents Talking Asperger’s ministry was “born” with the support and blessing of my pastor and church.

Within nine months over 60 families were meeting in person and online, and we are growing every day. God’s grace has opened so many doors, enabling us to walk through and see and feel the need that is on our local “doorstep” and beyond. He is also given us a voice to be heard, so that children, young people and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome can be better understood; today and tomorrow.