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“It’s great to find a fellowship that preaches the truth with such conviction and feeling.”

“I was surprised to find such a powerful ministry in a village church.”

“How come people don’t know about this church? It’s so alive!”

“I had suffered with health problems for so long, I did not realise that miracles still happened, until I was healed.”

“As we sat waiting for prayer I felt as if a large weight dropped into my hands. I looked, but nothing was there. I suddenly realised my arthritis had just disappeared.”

“I wished I lived locally, I would be in this church every week, it makes you feel at home.”

“How come people travel miles to other churches, when this church has so much to offer?”

“You can feel God’s presence, it's an almost overwhelming sense of love.”

“I didn’t want to leave the building, I just felt so close to God.”

“I look forward to Sunday. Whatever happens in the week, I know that the message and worship in church will refresh and re-energise me for the week ahead.”