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Is Christianity relevant? Well at the last census 37 million people in Britain thought so, and identified themselves with the Christian faith. Thus clearly indicating the nation has at its heart the moral compass provided by the most popular book in history, the Bible.

Today we live in a confused fog regarding the meaning and origins of life. The media adds to the confusion by promoting unproven and biased ideas as seen on TV programs. In a recent broadcast a certain agnostic tried his best to discredit religious belief, stating "our evolved senses of reason and empathy appear to be making us more and more moral, even as religious observance declines". I think that rather misleading statement needs to be addressed by recognising that the lowering of moral values does not make us more moral, nor lack of attendance at places of worship indicate a lack of religious faith.

Though people have lost a sense of spiritual identity, they have not lost their spiritual awareness. People have stopped going to church, but still desire meaning. I do not think people have lost their desire for knowing God. It is just that the church has lost its courage to stand for truth and its sense of purpose in proclaiming the truth revealed through Jesus Christ. A genuine faith that is relevant will enable us to rediscover as a community and a nation that knowing God is more than an event, it is experiencing God as the centre of our culture.