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Foundational Truth

Foundation to everything is the fact that God as creator has also come to earth in physical form. He came to restore the human race back to a living personal faith with God, and a sense of belonging to a community that experiences God in everyday life.

Restored World

The world seems to be creaking and groaning with pain; conflicts between nations, natural disasters such as earthquakes and economic collapse on a global scale. The consequence is the breakdown in social and family life, leaving each generation with more uncertainty and less stability. The Bible tells us that men's hearts fail them for fear of the things that are coming upon them. The solution lies not in political change, nor ecological transformation, but in the restoration of the human heart to love God and our neighbour.

The Key to The Future

The origin of species is a good place to start. When something is new it should be at its very best. Looking at the original condition can help us understand what it’s restored condition can be. God loves the world he made, yet spends only a few chapters describing how it began, and how he created the human race with inbuilt characteristics reflecting His image. Though badly defaced the image has never been fully lost.

The coming of Jesus gave the human race a chance, though brief, to see the true reflection of God in human form. Scripture states "The word became flesh and dwelt among us". From the fall of the Human race God has been working to bring mankind back to his original condition. The purpose of the biblical record is to show us the action God is taking.

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What We Believe